Concerts at the Ocean County Artists' Guild
Acoustic concert series in our studio annex, Ocean Ave at Chestnut in Island Heights (Toms River), NJ
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Friday, December 15, at 8:00 pm - $5 donation
(Doors open one hour before the show - come early and visit the art galleries.)
Holiday Festival of Songs 
Come sing along with holiday songs led by various musicians who've performed at the Artists' Guild throughout the year.

All donations for this show will be given to Ocean's Harbor House, a safe haven for youth, ages 10-21, who have run away, are homeless, or have been abused, neglected, or abandoned.

Looking ahead.... upcoming Friday night shows, all at 8:00 pm - $5 donation
Jan 19 (snow date 26th) - Acoustic Musicians Guild
Feb 16 (snow date 23rd) - Tony Pileggi and Joe Stamboni
Mar 16 - Clan Suibhne (Charlie Farrell and John Curran)  
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Song Circle at the Artists' Guild:
In addition to the concert series, there's a monthly song circle at the Artists' Guild. Held in the same room as the concerts, it's free and open to everyone. We take turns around the circle singing songs, and maybe singing or playing along if we know the song. We sing folk songs, pop songs, and hymns, and sometimes we have an improvised music jam. The only rule is that it's all acoustic, with no amplifiers or microphones. Everyone is welcome to take a turn in the circle, or just to listen. Feel free to bring a quiet activity such as sketching or reading.
     Click here for a video description of the song circle.
     Click here for a short music clip from a more recent song circle.

The song circle is held on the third Sunday of each month, starting at 6:00 and going till at least 9:00. Come for all or any part of that time. The next song circle will be on Sunday, December 17, 2017.
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photos of the studio
Performers at past concerts:
Ladies Night Out  (3/19/10, 6/12/10, 7/23/11, 7/26/13, 3/28/14, 11/21/14, 7/24/15, 8/19/16, 8/18/17) -
(music sample)YouTube videos
Basement Musicians  (4/23/10, 5/21/10, 6/18/10, 7/30/11, 1/18/13, 1/26/13, 4/26/13, 2/21/14, 4/18/14, 4/24/15, 10/23/15, 2/19/16, 10/21/16, 2/17/17, 10/20/17)  (music sample)  Videos: CrazyPlay Me
Mary Lutton  (5/21/10, 7/31/10, 7/16/11, 2/19/12, 2/24/13, 11/22/13, 5/23/14, 5/29/15, 7/22/16, 7/21/17) -
O'Neill & Martin  (5/21/10) - YouTube - Impossible
Terry Rivel  (7/10/10, 3/23/12)
Rusty and Jan  (9/4/10)
Frank Fotusky  (10/2/10) -
Thomas Wesley Stern  (12/18/10) - Thomas Wesley Stern on Facebook
Clan Suibhne  (2/18/11, 1/24/14, 3/27/15, 3/18/16, 3/24/17)
Mara Levine & Caroline Cutroneo  (4/2/11)    (music sample)
Michael London  (4/30/11)    (music sample)
Bob Conroy & Norm Pederson  (11/19/11, 9/29/12) - YouTube    (music sample)
Pat Karwan  (2/19/12) 
Benita Segal  (7/27/12) -    (music sample)
Denise Miller  (8/18/12)  
Gail Gilrane  (8/18/12) - (music sample)
Acoustic Musicians Guild  (3/22/13, 5/17/13, 8/23/13, 6/20/14, 10/24/14, 8/21/15, 1/29/16, 1/20/17)  
Bob Wright and Bill Doerge  (6/28/13, 7/25/14, 6/26/15, 6/17/16) -
Custom Blend  (9/27/13, 9/19/14, 9/25/15, 9/23/16, 9/15/17) - YouTube - Custom Blend at Albert Hall
Bob Andrews  (10/25/13, 1/23/15, 11/18/16, 11/17/17) -    (music sample)
Jim Crawford  (5/23/14, 11/20/15, 5/20/16, 5/19/17) -
Mary Shannon  (8/22/14, 2/27/15, 4/22/16, 4/21/17) -  (music sample)
Bill Doerge  (6/16/17)   

Flyers for past concerts can be viewed at  Pikasa OCAGconcerts Flyers slideshow

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